About TBI

Sathyabama University Technology Business Incubator (SU-TBI) of Sathyabama University is intend to produce successful entrepreneurship that will eventually make the program financially viable and free-standing, create jobs, commercialize new technologies and strengthen national economies. SU-TBI of Sathyabama will act as a pedestal to help knowledge driven enterprises to establish and prosper under organized scientific guidance.

Objectives of the SU-TBI

The main objective of SU-TBI of Sathyabama University is to produce successful entrepreneurship in Marine technology, biotechnology and engineering research. TBI is exclusively for the development and promotion of entrepreneurship in the combined area of marine and bio resource utilization. The objective of establishing TBI at Sathyabama University is on the basis of its accessible potential resources. We are strong in Research and Development and Technology Innovation, up gradation of findings and their subsequent relocation to the respective domains in the thrust area.

Facilities and Services

Office space

  • Personal Computers
  • Internet connection
  • Common infrastructure
  • Incubatee Office
  • Printer Photocopier
  • Scanner
  • Teleconferencing facilities Meeting/Conference room with projection equipment Library Services from Sathyabama University If so desired by the incubatee, TBI allows access to other departmental laboratories and other resources of Sathyabama University for their products development purposes. Faculty mentoring is available.

    Projects Under Incubation

    First Year: 2013-2014

    First Year: 2014-2015

    New incubatees approached in the second year with new technology
    Name of the Incubatee Product Status
    Mr. R. Prakash Mushroom-Value added products Product Developed
    Dr. L. Stanley Abraham Seaweed Liquid Biofertilizer Product Developed and Marketing ongoing
    Dr. Radhika Rajasree S R Trash fish Biofertilizer Product Development- Ongoing
    Mr. C. Kumar Spirulina enriched Artemia Product Development- Ongoing
    Mr. Jayaprabakar E model hybrid Hydrogen-LPG IC engine Product Development- Ongoing
    Mr. Prabu Nano Hydro power generator Prototype development
    Mrs. Siva Leela Millet-Value added products Prototype development
    Mrs. B. Monica Millet-Value added products Prototype development
    Mrs. S. Gayathri Lutein Prototype development
    Dr. Rajeswari Ornamental fish culture Prototype development
    Dr. Subashini Cloud telephoning Prototype development

    Thrust areas

    Technology Business Incubator of Sathyabama University will focuses on the following thrust areas based on expertise and facilities available. The Thrust areas are: Marine BioResource Utilisation: Pisciculture Extracts of Marine Flora and Fauna Marine Products and Processed Products Engineering and Technology: Bioinformatics and biomedical applications Navigation and Instrumentation products Emission control systems Green power Alternate Fuels Biotechnology and Applied Products Pharmaceuticals Nanobiotechnology Biofouling Solutions Extremophile products Biopesticides Waste Management: Electronic Waste Management Bio Waste Utilisation

    Selection Process

    Selection Process Selection Process for Incubation:

    A panel of eminent technocrats will process the application, interview the promoters and select the venture for incubation after carefully evaluating the business idea, market availability, potential value of the technology, growth prospects, innovative content and feasibility of the promoter team. The panel consists of experienced and qualified professionals from the reputed industry and academics.