S.No. Name of the Incubatee Product Status
1.        Mr. R. Prakash Mushroom-Value added products Product Developed
2.        Dr. L. Stanley Abraham Seaweed Liquid Biofertilizer Product Developed   and Marketing ongoing
3.        Dr. Radhika Rajasree S R Trash fish Biofertilizer Product Development- Ongoing
4.        Mr. C. Kumar Spirulina enriched Artemia Product Development- Ongoing
5.        Mr. Jayaprabakar TSEE model hybrid Hydrogen-LPG IC engine Product Development- Ongoing
6.        CZ Smart Mobility Transportation Based Mobile application developers Product Development underway
7.        Physionest and Motomecha Mobile application for Physiotherapy and Bike Service Product Development underway
8.        Dot 2 Globe Pvt Ltd Providing ERP solutions to small medium scale businesses. Product Development underway
9.        Fantumn Sports based Mobile application Development Product Development underway
10.    Friends of Nature Waste management and sanitation Product Development underway
New  incubatees  approached
11.    Mrs. Siva Leela  Millet-Value added products Prototype development
12.    Mrs. B. Monica Millet-Value added products Prototype development
13.    Dr. Subashini Cloud telephoning Prototype development